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Poursquare - Client

Storm/Finagle Hackathon Submission

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Storm/Finagle Hackathon Submission - Poursquare

This was my submission to the Storm/Finagle Hackathon which took place at hack/reduce in July of 2013.

This repo contains the code for the client portion of the application. This includes the web application that connects to a MongoDB database and a Spring MVC application that displays some statistics and real time checkin map.

Getting Started


Install the Java SDK and Maven.

Install an application server. I used Tomcat but Jetty or Glassfish or any servlet container will work just fine.

Although I am using Scala, the libraries get bundled into the WAR file, you can deploy it just as you would any other WAR file.


First, clone the repo onto your local machine.

Next, if you are using Eclipse, you can set up a Dynamic Web Project and have Eclipse automatically publish to the server. If you are using the command line, or just prefer to build a WAR and then deploy it yourself, you can call mvn package and copy the WAR out of the target directory


Start your app server. You'll also want to run the Storm topology so that it can populate Mongo.
Then you can point your browser here to see the most recent checkins:


Also check out checkins by countries:


And of course, the real time map: